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Dean Cebuliak, Registered Profesional Counsellor
Dean Cebuliak, RPC (Registered Professional Counsellor)
Dean Cebuliak, RPC

(Registered Professional Counsellor)
Relationship Therapy Specialist

Credentials and Certifications:

  • Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC)
  • Member of Canadian Professional Counsellors Association
  • Member of the Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta
  • Certified 7 Principles of Making Marriage Work Educator
  • Bader/Pearson Developmental Model for Relationships training
  • Gottman Relationship Level 1 training

A bit about me

Hi, my name is Dean Cebuliak, and that’s me in the picture above with my wife Mari. I’m a Registered Professional Counsellor, a recovering perfectionist, and a truth seeker who comes from a long line of relationally challenged people. I worked hard for years trying to figure out why my relationships weren’t working; reading books, doing courses, attending seminars, and going to personal therapy. Finally, I did what any reputable perfectionist would do, I became a counsellor. After that, I married one too.

Once a registered counsellor, I naturally gravitated toward a specialty in relationships. With specific ongoing relationship training my own marriage steadily gained strength, while my own anxiety and despair declined. All my other relationships became better as well; friends, family, and especially the one with myself. I feel in control of my life, I experience joy, peace, and purpose, and now I can bring this hard-earned wisdom to you from my home practice in Vernon, BC.

I believe … relationships are everything!

Relationships have a massive effect on our lives that cannot be overstated. They directly affect our stress levels, thus our physical, mental, and emotional health. As humans, we’re hard-wired for relational interaction, and they’re the #1 way we self-regulate and heal from life’s adversities. Alone, we’re in trouble.

For you …

Whether you come alone to grow and learn, or together as a couple, I can lead you through a safe, common-sense, educational, interesting, and even humorous approach that’ll make all YOUR relationships better. The structure I use works despite your upbringing, culture, gender identification, race, or religious faith.

Please, don’t give up hope or wait until it’s too late to reach out. Take it from me, relationships are frustratingly hard and never perfect, but they’re definitely worth fighting for. Let me show you why. 🙂

When you are ready to bring joy and connection into your relationships, I invite you to contact me for a complimentary consultation to hear for yourself how I can help.