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Dean Cebuliak, Registered Profesional Counsellor
Dean Cebuliak, RPC (Registered Professional Counsellor)
Dean Cebuliak, RPC

(Registered Professional Counsellor)
Relationship Therapy Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will counselling/therapy benefit me?

Counselling/therapy is used to help people overcome personal challenges that cause emotional, and sometimes physcial, pain or discomfort. The list of possible challenges is great, and we’re trained to help you cope, remove barriers, feel better, grow, learn, and even thrive despite what life delt or throws at you. 

Q: What is a Registered Professional Counsellor?

A Registered Professional Counsellor is the formal designation for a member of good standing in the Canadian Professional Counselling Association. The CPCA uses a competency-based clincial counselling and psychotherapy model that requires intensive ongoing supervision and training. In addition, members are obligated to adhere to strict code of ethics and standards of clinical practice. For more information visit

Q: What areas of treatment do you cover?

Relationship Therapy is a huge area of focus, and in it I cover the following:

  • Relationship Challenges
  • Marriage Prep, Divorce, Separation, and Infidelity Resolution
  • Relationship Skills Development
  • Grief & Loss
  • Anxiety, Depression
  • Codependency, Neglect, Small Traumas
  • Sex Issues
  • Stress, Burnout

Q: What kinds of therapy do you use?

I am trained and use the following counselling methods:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Developmental Therapy
  • Gottman Couples Method
  • Bader/Pearson Couples Method
  • Focusing Oriented Therapy
  • Grief & Loss Therapy
  • Developmental Sex Therapy
  • Transactional Analysis

Q: How long do sessions last?

Sessions are billed in 15 min intervals and range from 45 minute to 2-day intensives. 5-10 minutes/session is reserved for wrapping up and booking next sessions.

Q: What are Intensive Sessions?

Intensives are ½-day, 1-day, and 2-day weekend sessions formatted for couples or individuals who want the rapid and immediate benefits of regular long-term counselling.

Q: What does counselling cost?

Our hourly rates are industry standard, but we do offer sliding scale for those who are experiencing financial difficulties and/or don’t have benefits. There are also other avenues for financial support available that we can talk about, in either the initial consult, or in the first session.

Q: Do my benefits cover counselling?

Coverage for counselling therapy depends on the plan your employer negotiated with its insurance company. To determine if you have coverage for counselling therapy sessions contact your insurance company, or HR department, and present my credentials to them. RPC (Registered Professional Counsellor), member of the CPCA (Canadian Professional Counselling Association), reg #3610. We do not direct bill here at Unity so you must pay us after the session and then make a claim with your paid invoice.

Q: How often and/or how long do I need to come to counselling?

For as long and often as we determine together shortly after counselling starts. Factors such as your availability and budget are considered, as well as your goal(s). You can stop whenever you want.

Q: My partner doesn’t want to come to counselling, why should I?

I always say in this situation, whoever wants to feel better should come to counselling. Change can occur when only one person comes to counselling for many, many reasons.

Q: With couples counselling, will I be targeted as the one to blame for our problems?

99% of the time both people are contributing to relationship problems. My job is to help each person see their part, and then to set individual goals to overcome them.

Q: What are the benefits of coming to your home studio?

Our home studio is in a large townhome with our living area upstairs, separate from the office and counselling studio downstairs. There’s ample free parking in the cul-de-sac just outside the complex, with a very short walk after that. Our counselling room is very large and open with a private bathroom, it’s very quiet, and there are large windows looking over a private natural setting. Clients simply wait in the comfort of their car until just before their appointment starts. 

Q: How does online therapy work with you?

Also referred to as TeleHealth, we use an encrypted version of Microsoft Teams for online sessions. You’ll simply get an email with a link to click, and your browser will automatically open it. We have a document we can email you that helps you set yourself up for the best counselling experience possible if needed. 

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